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members: (if you will ever want to send us flowers or a bottle of good champagne /*hint hint :)*/)

skinncode -- programmer, webmaster, project manager. you can contact me in icq (107556212 ), drop me an email, or find on irc nick: skinncode. (latest addition: bigberd asked me to call myself kermit. sure dude, that doesn't bug me:) so here i am...skinncode the kermit lol)

zX13lone -- known as lone (you can call him bigberd but he might get angry :). He makes great music that we use in our project. Visit his pages at traxinspace and contact him in icq (62086667 ), you are welcome to drop him an email.

bigt44 -- c++ programmer, ya all can contact him by icq (112065046 ) by email or aol (nickname: bigdiesel, afair).

RoLo -- c/c++ programmer. contacts: icq (5844280 ), email

cfadam -- here to support us with scripting languages and lear c/c++

defoc8 -- gfx artist. contacts: email.

more to come soon!

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