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before joining
if you like this project so much that it's a big shame to you to be just an end-user, then join our development crew. though there are a few things you should know. the skin is based on a great library called sdl. it's very fast, easy, and powerfull. the skin also uses some other libraries based on sdl. they are sdl_image (for image handaling), sdl_mixer (for music playback) and sdl_ttf (for truetype font support). get al of these or skin is not even going to compile. next thing you should know, that the skin is developed on a linux os. it's not a big problem if you don't have one, but it is much easier to develop on it becouse it has many tools for opensource software development. that's about all...

how to join
if you want to join us, first register at and drop me an email. provide some stuff about your-self and your unix-name on sourceforge (same as login name or nick). next thing is to say hello to everybody in a forum. we use forums, irc and icq to chat. 'cos everybody wants to know that is goin' on. now go and get the cvs from, module is named "theskin". look through the source, read all the jokes (don't forget to add your own ones!). try to compile. now go to the forum and tell us everything that is good or bad. don't be afraid to say that the skin sucks. it does. now go to sleep and have a very nice dream. that's it. you are now a official member of our crew. note: don't forget to read sourceforge docs before begining. they are quite useful.

some basic rules
rule number one: we have a thing called tasks. one can be asigned to you. if you see you will not be able to do it, tell us that immediatly. we will help you or asign it to another member. just do not delay them. thank you

rule number two: tell us if you go somewhere or you're busy and that you cannot be on active development. just don't vanish like a ghost

rule number three: i know sourcecode is a boring thing, so add jokes or funny remarks. one joke per function, okie?

rule number four: the last but not the least, be friendly. answer all the questions others are asking and try to help them.

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