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[ just in case ]
2001.07.30 by skinncode
if you want to ask somethin', be sure to use sourceforge's forums here

[ some eye-candy gfx for all of you! ]
2001.07.30 by skinncode
yo guyz check out the preview section. added some new gfx. oh and it's not so long till the first release of the skin! so keep commin'! you don't want to miss it!

[ yet another update ]
2001.06.29 by skinncode
again sorry for delay again. i always forget to update the site. go check preview section.
new screenshot there...we love screenshots, don't we? :). anyway, you can also check the cvs if you want to see this on your box.

[ update ]
2001.05.11 by skinncode
sorry for a delay...i forgot to update a site, though a lot of stuff changed and was added
lot's of changes in sourcecode (configs, maps, console, etc) anyway, the game is not playable (yet). next few weeks we will add only developer releases, so you guys will have to wait. we have *some* gfx preview look here .
anyway, stay tuned.

[ tune updated ]
2001.04.23 by lone
metal gear updated. check it out.

[ gues what? ]
2001.04.23 by skinncode
yes, you right...more new members. finaly we have a gfx artist (defoc8), and c++ programmer (kehzian)

[ more new members ]
2001.04.21 by skinncode
rolo and adam has joined our crew.

[ new member ]
2001.04.20 by skinncode
say hello to our new member tosh. he's a c++ developer and he will help us throughout the development.

[ upcoming tune ]
2001.04.19 by lone
download latest preview of my new tune, metal gear. for the very latest version of it check this file often. see ya.

[ greetings, souceforge ]
2001.04.19 by skinncode
quite a few news today. first of i have moved project to sourceforge and launched a home page. i know it's a bit ugly but i hope it will fit just right in. this game is still in very (i mean it) early development stage and is not available for users (though you can check CVS to see what's going' on or see some screenshots and listen to the soundtrack). that's about all for today. be back soon 'cos we kick ass

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